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Carlin America

Carlin America

June 2012 - Present Corporate website for a music licensing company focusing on the entertainment industry. Site has a public front-end but editors are able to manage content and music files through easy to use interfaces, including drag/drop uploads for new songs and automatic parsing of audio file metadata.



October 2011 - Present Built photo database for planespotters and aviation enthusiasts. System allows multi-uploads through drag/drop interface, and complex tagging of photos for searching. Includes catalog of every aircraft and airport in the world.

SSE Web Access


April 2008 - Present Site built to allow music supervisors to preview and download music from up-and-coming artists. Allows the client to dynamically build custom playlists based on themes/genres and deliver the page to potential customers with specific needs, utilizing a deep tagging database. Includes integrated Flash music player and drag/drop automated import.

Space Advocates


October 2013 - Present Space Advocates is a nonprofit space advocacy organization focused on propelling us into the universe through mining our most precious asset: people. We call upon these space advocates to help us push the envelope, to speak louder, to become involved and put us at the forefront of space exploration.

American Chocolate Mould


September 2008 - Present American Chocolate Mould Company is one of the leading suppliers of confectionery industry equipment in the United States and acts as a service organization to the confectionery industry.



November 2007 - Present Facebook app created for friends and family as a year-round gift registry, now free for anyone to use.



September 2004 - present This site was set up mainly to play with new web tools, scripting languages, and operating systems. Currently, the site is running Ubuntu and uses HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and a MySQL database. The site also provides some resources to family, friends, prospective employers, and of course, myself.

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