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This website provides information about the technology services I can provide, and some examples of my previous work.

Experienced in PHP5, with a special interest in media such as images and music. Also have experience with MySQL databases, query optimization, and user authentication. Willing to learn any special function that your project requires.

Instant Quote

The level of detail that your site requires may vary, so this only is an estimate:
Number of Static Pages
Simple pages which do not typically change, such as contact information.
Number of Dynamic Pages
Pages which change depending on user input, such as search results.
Photo Gallery
Automatically generates based on user uploaded image files.
Audio Gallery
Track listings, album art, and ID3 tagging supported.
Custom or packaged blog/news feed, updated in admin back-end.
Domain Setup
Domain purchase and setup on hosted site, typically Ipower.com.
Contact Form
Simple or complex, results sent to specified email address.
User Login
Accounts managed by admin, or created by the user. Requires database.
Used to store user data, prices, forum entries, etc.

Latest News

Moved server to Amazon EC2. Updated project portfolio.
Added improved contact form to ACMC website, with complete input validation and sanity checks.
Gimme! is now a Facebook application in full production. I'm sure there will still be some tweaks here and there, but it's looking great. Click here to apply.
Added MD5 encrypted passwords to the Gimme! database and changed all scripts to support this new feature.